Crispy oysters dressed in black with saffron potatoes from Ile de Ré

Are you looking for an original way to serve oysters this Christmas? Then this recipe is for you. A fresh-tasting, generous  Chablis Premier Cru Mont de Milieu is the perfect partner for the star ingredient of this dish - Marennes Oléron oysters, dressed in black for the occasion.

List of ingredients

Serves 4

Oysters in black
15 Marennes Oléron Spéciale de Claire N°2 oysters 
50g fresh hazelnuts
2 lemons
100g flour
Squid ink breadcrumbs (as required)
Egg white
Charente bean purée
500ml  cream
150g mojhettes (traditional beans from Charente)
Fleur de sel
Freshly ground black pepper
Oyster cream with squid ink
9 Marennes Oléron Spéciale n°2 oysters and their juice
Squid ink (as required)
600ml water
Ile de Ré potatoes
1kg potatoes
saffron (as required)
Poached oysters
4 Marennes Oléron Pousse en Claire n°3 oysters

Difficulty :
  • 3 sur 4
  • 3 sur 4

Sommelier’s tip

 Chablis Premier Cru Mont de Milieu 

The characteristic of this “surf’n’turf” dish is a rich and varied palette, a marvelous match for a Chablis Premier Cru Mont de Milieu at its peak. The vines grow on the right bank of the River Serein, where the grapes ripen to perfection. The wine reveals an intense fruity flavor, and is crisp and generous. All at once, the mineral , limestone notes of the wines and the saline flavors of the oyster unite. It is fresh and ample on the tongue, providing structure to the floury sweet taste of the beans, potatoes, and the soft texture of the oyster. The wine’s consistency and bearing perfectly compliments the flavors of the dish, underscored by the saffron. This is a delicious encounter in which each element complements the other.


Oysters in black
Roast the hazelnuts. Shuck the oysters and set aside, reserving their liquid. Fill the oysters with the roasted and crushed hazelnuts and lemon zests. Dust the oysters with flour, dip in the egg white, and coat with the breadcrumbs. Set aside.
Charente bean purée
Cook the beans in water and herbs until soft. Blend, saving a little of the cooking water for the potatoes. Add the cream, pass through a chinois, place in a syphon, and set aside.
Ile de Ré potatoes
Cook the potatoes in the bean water with the saffron, and set aside in the cooking water.
Oyster cream
Chop three oysters into large dice and then blend with the lemon juice, squid ink, and water.

Fry the breadcrumbed oysters. Place a Pousse en Claire oyster in each dish. Cover with some bean purée, add three potatoes and top with a crunchy oyster. Dress the edges of the plate with some of the oyster cream.



Crispy oysters dressed in black with a chablis wine

The author of this recipe

Théodore Tredel, winner of the gold trophy at the Marennes Oléron Oysters Young Talents 2016 competition, superior category

“In keeping with the black and white theme, I used mojhettes from Pont L’Abbé d’Arnoult, which are traditional beans from the Charentes region. I created an emulsion with them, beneath which, you’ll find a lightly-poached oyster. I also used potatoes from the Ile de Ré, poached in water with Charentes saffron. Finally, I coated more oysters with squid ink breadcrumbs. Tradition and modernity come together in this dish – I hope you enjoy it!

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