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Stefanie Köhler to preside over the 32nd Chablis Wine Competition

Chablis wine Competition 2018 medal winners

Stefanie Köhler is a German freelance journalist who specializes in food and wine combinations. She has lived in Epernay since 2015 to be as close as possible to her favorite terroirs of Champagne and Bourgogne. Köhler is editor of Cuvée magazine, which she created in January 2017, and through which she shares her passion for wine and the discoveries she makes as an indefatigable epicurean. She already visited Chablis in 2014 and then again in May 2017, and is back on 20 January to preside over the 32nd edition of the Chablis Wine Competition.

This competition stands out as no Chablis winegrowers are allowed to judge entries which could include their own. The panel of 86 tasters is made up of journalists, restaurateurs, sommeliers, wine traders, enologists, and wine lovers. The samples are judged in two phases. Those with the highest scores from the first round involving all tasters are then sampled again but a super jury, which awards the medals. The winning wines are used by the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) during events in France and abroad as ambassadors for Chablis wines for a 12-month period.

Chablis Wine Competition 2018

Stefanie Köhler has a strong presence on social media, and writes for the magazines Der Feinschemecker, a German publication focusing on gastronomy and winegrowing, and Weinwisser, the leading newsletter for Swiss and German wine lovers and collectors. Stefanie also hosts the “gouttes & goûts” blog. Thanks to her unique approach to food and wine combinations, in 2014, she won the Chablis Blogger in Germany award, and was invited to the Yonne for the Chablis Wine Festival.
Each edition of Cuvée magazine is dedicated to a different winegrowing region, explored through a series of portraits. After focusing on the Champagne region, Cuvée N°2 turned its attention to Chablis, and Köhler spent several weeks in the region in 2017 to really get to grips with the terroir, meet winemakers, explore their expertise, and discover the essence of Chablis wines and the combination of past traditions preserved in local heritage and the exciting modernity of food and wine combinations.

                        24 medal-winning wines at the 32nd Chablis Wine Competition
Number of entries: 272
Number of tasters: 86
Number of estates or maisons represented: 69
Number of medal-winning wines: 24

Petit Chablis 2016

  • Gold Medal
    Domaine Guy ROBIN
  • Silver Medal
    Domaine Louis MOREAU
    Domaine Jean DAUVISSAT Père & Fils - Milly
  • Bronze Medal
    Domaine BESSON
    Hautérivien, Isabelle et Denis POMMIER

Nominated wine
Domaine JOLLY & Fils
Charlène & Laurent PINSON
Sur la Goulerotte, Domaine MARSOIF
Domaine Vincent DAMPT
Domaine de la MOTTE

Chablis 2016

  • Gold Medal
    Cuvée Antoine, Domaine de PISSE-LOUP
  • Silver Medal
    Domaine Vincent DAMPT
  • Bronze Medal
    Le Guilleret, Domaine MICHAUT
    Domaine VERRET

Nominated wines
Domaine Guy ROBIN
Charlène & Laurent PINSON
Le Classique, Pascal BOUCHARD
Camille et Laurent SCHALLER
Domaine Agnès et Didier DAUVISSAT
Clotilde DAVENNE
Domaine VOCORET & Fils
Domaine PINSON

Chablis Premier Cru 2016, Left Bank

  • Gold Medal
    Montmains, Domaine Jean-Paul et Benoît DROIN
    Montmains, Domaine PINSON
    Vaillons, Domaine Guy ROBIN
  • Silver Medal
    Montmains, Domaine des MALANDES
    Beauroy, Domaine de la MOTTE
  • Bronze Medal
    Vosgros, Domaine Jean-Paul et Benoît DROIN

Nominated wines
Vau de Vey, Domaine des MALANDES
Côte de Léchet, Sylvain MOSNIER
Côte de Léchet, Domaine Vincent DAMPT
Beauroy, Domaine VERRET
Beauroy, GARNIER & Fils
Forêts, Domaine PINSON
Montmains, Jean DURUP & Fils
Montmains, William FEVRE
Vaillons, Domaine Jean COLLET & Fils
Vaillons, Domaine Daniel DAMPT & Fils
Vau de Vey, Domaine des MALANDES
Vau Ligneau, Domaine de La MOTTE

Chablis Premier Cru 2016, Right Bank

  • Gold Medal
    Vaucoupin, Louis ROBIN
  • Silver Medal
    Fourchaume, Domaine des MALANDES
  • Bronze Medal
    Montée de Tonnerre, LA CHABLISIENNE
    Montée de Tonnerre, Charlène & Laurent PINSON

Nominated wines
Fourchaume, Domaine VENTOURA
Fourchaume, LAMBLIN & Fils
Fourchaume,  Maison SIMONNET-FEBVRE
Les Fourneaux, Domaine GAUTHERON Alain et Cyril
L’Homme Mort, Domaine GAUTHERON Alain et Cyril
Montée de Tonnerre, Domaine Jean-Paul et Benoît DROIN
Mont de Milieu, Domaine des MALANDES
Mont de Milieu, Domaine GAUTHERON Alain et Cyril
Vaucoupin, Domaine Camille et Laurent SCHALLER
Vaucoupin, Clotilde DAVENNE

Chablis Grand Cru 2015

  • Gold Medal
    Valmur, Domaine Louis MOREAU
    Valmur, Domaine Jean COLLET et Fils
    Les Clos, Domaine PINSON
  • Silver Medal
    Vaudésir, Domaine Louis MOREAU
    Les Clos, Domaine des MALANDES

Nominated wines
Blanchot, Domaine LONG-DEPAQUIT
Blanchot, Domaine SERVIN
Les Clos, Domaine SERVIN
Les Clos, Domaine Jean-Paul et Benoît DROIN
Les Clos, Pascal BOUCHARD
Grenouilles, Domaine Jean-Paul et Benoît DROIN
Preuses, William FEVRE

Download the press release of the Chablis Wine Competition 2018.

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Winners of the Concours Général Agricole 2017 for Yonne wines

As part of the annual International Agriculture Show show held in Paris, the Concours Général Agricole 2017 awarded 68 medals to Yonne wines, including 29 golds. Find out who won what, from Bourgogne Aligoté to Chablis Grand Cru, and from Irancy to Saint-Bris, not forgetting Crémant de Bourgogne…

The competition is the biggest in terms of entrants and samples. In 2017, after a pre-selection carried out in Beine in the Yonne, some 161 samples were dispatched to Paris for consideration. Medals were awarded to 68 of them, 29 of which were gold.
Discover the complete list of competition winners including those from each Chablis appellation: Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru

Competition winners of the Concours Général Agricole 2017 wine competition.

Chablis wines – ambassadors for the Bourgogne winegrowing region

Chablis wines – ambassadors for the Bourgogne winegrowing region

The wines selected for the BIVB’s Cave de Prestige are ambassadors for Bourgogne wines around the world for the space of one year. The selection process is as rigorous as that for the top guides. The winning wines all earned a minimum score of 16/20 in a blind tasting and went through two tests.
For the 46th edition, of 1,030 samples submitted, 195 wines were selected, including three Petit Chablis, four Chablis, five Chablis Premier Cru and four Chablis Grand Cru wines.

Results of the BIVB’s Prestige Cellar in 2017.

Concours des Vignerons Indépendants 2016

Concours des Vignerons Indépendants 2016

This competition for independent winemakers is unique as the wines are judged by non-professionals. For many years, the Vignerons Indépendants organization has been recruiting and training amateur wine lovers to become the competition’s judges.

Results of the Concours des Vignerons Indépendants 2016.