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Press area

Journalists and professionals: this space is for you. Here you will find market fact sheets, press releases, press kits and all the elements you might need.



Press releases and kits

Chablis press releases and kits

What’s going on in the Bourgogne winegrowing region? What’s new for Chablis wines? Keep up to speed through our press releases.



Explore the vintages in Chablis since 2012

Certain years facilitate the expression of the terroir, others are sunnier vintages – which one suits you best?

Financial information

Chablis key figures

Key figures for Chablis wines and reports on countries that import Bourgogne wines are all just a click away!

Chablis awards

Discover all information about wines that were awarded medals from the Chablis region

Check out the most recent competition winners and find out which wines were awarded medals from the Chablis region.


-	A seminar on Chablis wines in Hong Kong
Pure Chablis Area