2022, a long-awaited vintage

14 November 2022
2022, a long-awaited vintage


After a complicated year in 2021, winegrowers are smiling again with the arrival of the 2022 vintage.


After a milder and drier than normal winter, 2022 began like 2021, with spring frosts. Fortunately, at the end of March, on the eve of the frosts, the vineyards were at the stage of bud swelling and thus the development of the vine was a few days later than the average over the last 20 years. The extent of the damage was not comparable to that observed in 2021, however in certain early locations, it was quite significant.


The exceptionally warm spring of 2022 was a turning point: the rise in temperature in May gave a boost to the vegetation. Full flowering was observed at the end of May. The conditions were excellent.


On May 19, the Yonne department was placed under a drought watch. A dry spell followed throughout the month of July. The health of the vines was excellent: no rain, no diseases!


Some winegrowers started harvesting as August was ending, but most of them started harvesting in the first days of September.

  • Wines in the making are expressing notes of ripe fruit, pear and peach, while keeping their freshness. They are generous and have a good balance. Quality is definitely there as well.