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Chablis 2017, Decanter, December 2018 Volume 44, N°3

Press article by Tim Atkin, Decanter, December 2018 Volume 44, N°3

According to Tim Atkin, Master of Wine, the hard frosts that reduced yields made this vintage a year that producers will never forget. Nonetheless, the best wines are astonishingly fresh and taut.

When he came to Chablis back in July 2018, Tim Atkin went to meet producers and discover the 2017 vintage. In this article, he explores the characteristics of the vintage, including climate and type of vintage, and offers his opinions on a selection of 30 wines from the four Chablis appellations that he scored between 90 and 98.

There is also an article online, click here for it


"Why Chablis is the purest Chardonnay" Wine Enthusiast, 10.10.2018.

Why Chablis is the purest Chardonnay, by Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast.

Why Chablis is the purest Chardonnay, by Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast.
“The full expression of terroir is present in the taste of Chablis in a way that’s impossible to find in warmer regions,” says Roger Voss.

“Driving into Chablis, the town at the center of Burgundy’s northernmost region, the road descends into what feels like another world. It may be just 10 miles off the A6 highway that runs from Paris to the South of France, but quiet, wine-dominated Chablis is a step back in time.”

In this article, Voss wanders the streets of Chablis and explains what makes these wines so special and so different than other Chardonnays. He explores the four levels of Chablis appellations, and the differences between wines from the left and right bank of the River Serein.
Click here for the full article

"Mirror Image: 2016 & 2017 Chablis", Vinous.com, 09.08.2018

Press article by Neal Martin:  2016 & 2017 Chablis, august 2018, vinous.fr

After visiting Chablis back in May to sample the new vintage, columnist and internationally respected wine expert Neal Martin published a wonderful article on Vinous.com exploring facts, technical information, his own emotions, and his respect for the men and women behind each wine.
Neal Martin describes his trip, which included several tastings and encounters with winemakers and producers in the Chablis region. In addition to travelogue and reportage, he also takes the time to provide a simple explanation of the events that have shaped the last two vintages. By drawing on explanations from winegrowers he met, combined with his own experiences, Neal Martin simply and generously describes the 2017 vintage that may be, in his opinion, the greatest since 2014.

The full article, in English, can be found here: Vinous.com

"Jefford on Monday: The Chablis difference", decanter.com, 02.07.2018

Article decanter.com, Andrew Jefford : The Chablis difference, 07.2018

This article clearly sets out the geographical reasons why the Chablis appellations are so different than other Bourgogne wines. Andrew Jefford also highlights how unique they are, due to the composition of the soil in which they grow. Taking a very factual and educational approach, he helps those who may be a little lost with respect to the geography of the Bourgogne winegrowing region to situate the Chablis area within the region, and to understand how the River Serein and the geography of the landscape make Chablis Climats so different than other Chardonnay-growing areas in the Bourgogne region.
Concluding with a final enthusiastic paragraph about the last three vintages, Andrew Jefford helps his readers better grasp the character of Chablis wines, whilst elaborating on the uniqueness of this winegrowing region.

Click here to read the full article

rockinredblog.com, 27 December 2017

rockinredblog.com, 27 December 2017

“To Oak or not to Oak; exploring the wonders of Chablis”, by Michelle Williams

In general, Michelle Williams is not such a big fan of the Chardonnay varietal, but there is one exception to the rule: “There is one Chardonnay that hits the mark for me again and again: Chablis!”. She clearly explains her preference and the key character traits of the four Chablis appellations. She describes the unique terroir, the vinification methods mainly using stainless-steel vats to preserve freshness and minerality, with very few barrels being used, mostly for the Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru appellations. The choice of whether “to oak or not to oak” is very personal, and down to each producer. She took part in a tweet-up campaign on Chablis wines during the holiday season, sharing her scores for five wines tasted from the four appellations of which she is so fond.


“CHABLIS 2016 & 2015: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY”, Vinous.com, 08.08.2017


“If you overlook these two vintages, you’ll miss out on lots of great wines.”

In his richly-textured article, Stephan Tanzer, journalist for the reputed Vinous website extols the virtues of the 2015 and 2016 vintages in Chablis to an audience of international readers.

He explicitly describes the conditions faced by the winegrowers in these two consecutive years. Basing himself on the vines of Chablis, Tanzer retraces the bad weather in 2015 and 2016, and the consequences it had on the wine, whilst lauding the merits of these two vintages which might never have made it into the bottle.

Click here for the full article

Montreal Times, 23 September 2017

“Do you like Chardonnay or Chablis – Is there a difference?” by Marco Giovanetti

This article explores the unique character of Chablis wines compared to other wines made from the Chardonnay varietal. “To get the essence of this grape, you must drink Chablis!” says Marco Giovanetti, offering an extensive and educational explanation, drawing on the personalities of each of the four Chablis appellations, including tips for food and wine combinations. He finishes with his scores for the seven wines tasted, illustrating the expression of the Chardonnay varietal, the very quintessence of which can be found in Chablis.


Cuvée N°2, Wine Magazine: Chablis

Cuvée N°2, Wine Magazine: Chablis

German freelance wine journalist Stefanie Koehler launched Cuvée magazine in January 2016, with each edition dedicated to a specific winegrowing area. After Champagne for the first edition, Chablis was the subject of issue n°2, published in August 2017.

An upscale publication, this 122-page-long edition is full of photos, and provides a thoroughly-researched, historical, and human perspective of the essence of Chablis wine. Some 14 authentic portraits of winemakers interviewed illustrate the diversity of styles and expertise covered by the Chablis name. They fill the magazine, punctuated by explorations of specific themes: The emblematic Climats, the “fabulous” four appellations, the personality of the seven Climats of Chablis Grand Cru, the unique terroir, and the solutions for a frost-prone land. A modern take on culinary issues runs alongside the traditions embodied by the Piliers Chablisiens

Cuvée is published in English and is already available in 17 different territories from a range of outlets to the delight of wine lovers everywhere.


Noble Rot Magazine, August 2017

Noble Rot Magazine, August 2017

“Wines from the ancient ocean” by Juan Trujillo Andrades

The wines of Chablis have an established reputation – “Top-level Chablis is a French classic,” says Juan Trujillo Andrades. Produced from a terroir that thousands of years ago was under the sea, they are today carried on a new wave with a more feminine face.
Juan Trujillo Andrades went to meet a rising generation of women making Chablis wines, and describes their philosophy, their approach to winegrowing, and their passion, through interviews and photographic portraits. Find out more by reading this lively article that also offers his top 10 favorite Chablis producers.
Chablis wines are “a continual source of contemplation” and surprises, he says.



Wine Spectator, July 2017

Wine Spectator, July 2017

“The one and only Chablis” by Bruce Sanderson

Bruce Sanderson came to Chablis in January 2017, as a guest of the Union des Grands Crus de Chablis (UGCC). He enjoyed a blind tasting of 38 wines of the Chablis Grand Cru appellation from 2015. The UGCC was created in 2000, and brings together 13 member businesses with plots of Chablis Grand Cru Climats who undertake to respect a rigorous quality charter, which includes an obligation to harvest manually. Bruce Sanderson was “impressed with the vintage, the majority of the wines were potentially outstanding”. He reveals his favorite Chablis Grand Cru Climats, explains the importance of terroir in Chablis, and “the distinctive expression of Chardonnay that is unique to Chablis”.


Rmpeoplespalate.com, 15 July 2017

Rmpeoplespalate.com, 15 July 2017

“Affordable white Burgundy? Yes, they do exist”, by Rich Mauro

Tasting very good wines at reasonable prices is a widely shared desire and is still possible, despite huge price hikes for certain famous crus. Rich Mauro focused on 100% Chardonnay white Bourgogne wines and recommends Petit Chablis as “fine everyday values, inviting attention to their refreshing, pure fruit and generally light, lively palate”, and Chablis wines with “their signature mineral and chalky character”. In addition to being affordable, these wines can be enjoyed both as an aperitif and with a wide range of dishes, and can be discovered in this article with a selection of four choice pics from the Petit Chablis appellation.


JVB Uncorked, 17 April 2017

My apology to Chablis, by James Van Bergen

Discover this piece by James Van Bergen published on the JVB Uncorked website, classed among the top 100 most influential wine blogs. The article takes the form of a letter to Chablis wines, treated like an old faithful friend that introduced him to tasting and to whom he declares his love, “What beauty and intensity!” and “Chablis, I’ve always loved you. It’s true.” He evokes his passion for the four types of Chablis in a highly entertaining way, describing their inimitable character and sharing his notes on seven wines tasted.
A Pure Chablis choice!


The Wine Searcher, March 2017

The Wine Searcher, March 2017

The busy wine lover’s guide to Chablis, by Tom Hyland

Tom Hyland describes the excellence of Chablis wines, driven by the quality of recent vintages, which is reviving interest in this great white Bourgogne wine. Discover his favorites across three vintages and six Chablis Grand Cru wines, along with a raft of information about the specifics and diversity of the four Chablis appellations.



Enoybytes, December 2016

Four Distinct Appellations offer Delectable Diversity, by Pamela Heiligenthal

The Intricacies of Pairing Chablis with Food: Four Distinct Appellations offer Delectable Diversity, by Pamela Heiligenthal

If you want to know all about the four Chablis appellations and a variety of tasty contemporary dishes to go with them, Pamela Heiligenthal, Master Sommelier, reveals her selection of nine recipes, four of which she sampled with the world’s best sommelier 2016, Arvid Rosenberg, details of which you can find at chablis-wines.com.
Bon appétit!



Wineadventures, November 29th 2016

Terroir (and embarrassment) in the Climats of Chablis, by Gloria J. Chang

Terroir (and embarrassment) in the Climats of Chablis, by Gloria J. Chang

How does one describe the minerality of a wine? Gloria J. Chang tries to put this highly debated, complex notion into words. And the answer came to her like a revelation when she visited Chablis to discover its wines and their terroir. In a lively and highly educational article, she says: “If there was one place where I would get terroir enlightenment, it would be in Chablis.”. The notion of minerality is intimately linked to Chablis wines and how they express a single terroir, and a single varietal Chardonnay, which you will understand by reading this article.



Wine & Spirits, Fall 2016

Wines & Spirits, Fall 2016 - Conversations & Tastings with 50 Masters of Place

“Conversations & Tastings with 50 Masters of Place” Jason Jacobeit on Chablis, by Joshua Greene

In this special issue, “Conversations & Tastings with 50 Masters of Place”, 50 wine specialists and market influencers give their top selections and analysis, vineyard by vineyard.
Discover the wines of Chablis as described by leading American sommelier Jason Jacobeit, interviewed by journalist Joshua Greene. He explains his predilection for “the most inimitable wine in the world”, and shares a detailed selection of six wines from three Chablis appellations; Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru.
Pure Chablis – such a natural choice!


TheTaste, July 18th 2016

TheTaste, 18 July 2016  “Chablis is bliss: What’s in a Cru?”, by Gaby Guedez  Th

“Chablis is bliss: What’s in a Cru?”, by Gaby Guedez

The four Chablis appellations will hold no secrets for you after reading this article by Gaby Guedez. Highly original and instructive in its approach, it covers a selection of four wines, one for each of the four appellations, and the video “The Climats of Chablis Seen from the Sky”, a wonderful journey over the vineyards of Chablis, to understand what makes the region’s wines so special.
A pure Chablis discovery…


Imbibe Magazine, July-August 2016

Imbibe Magazine, July-August 2016

Here comes summer, by Anne Krebiehl MW

If you’re looking for a chilled white wine that’s perfect for summer, Anne Krebiehl explains why you should look no further than the wines of Chablis, included in her top 10 summer must-haves. The article continues with Anne’s tasting tips.

Pure Chablis this summer - what’s not to like?



Montreal Gazette, May 2016

Montreal Gazette, May 20 2016 - My perfect wine ? Versatile and unique Chablis,

My perfect wine ? Versatile and unique Chablis, by Bill Zacharkiw

If he had to choose one wine to take to his desert island, Bill Zacharkiw would choose a Chablis.
The Chardonnay varietal is grown all around the world, producing some fairly similar wines, but those from Chablis are unique: “There is only one Chablis”. In this article, Zacharkiw explains the reasons for his love for the inimitable and incomparable wines of Chablis.
Perfect, pure, Chablis wine!



The Washington Post, March 2016

“If Chardonnay’s a yawn, you haven’t met Chablis”, by Dave McIntyre - march 2016

“If Chardonnay’s a yawn, you haven’t met Chablis”, by Dave McIntyre

Dave McIntyre, who until recently was skeptical about the Chardonnay varietal, tells us how the wines of Chablis have given him back a taste for this grape. “My Chardonnay wake-up call comes from Chablis,” he says. The four Chablis appellations, with their unique Kimmeridgean terroir, and a vinification process which allows the minerality of the soil and the varietal to flourish, offer an unrivalled pure expression of the Chardonnay grape. “Chablis is a wine geek’s heaven,” he concludes.

Pure Chablis, 100% Chardonnay!


Winefolly, February 2016

Winefolly, February 2016

Chablis Wine Guide, by Madeline Puckette

This in-depth, educational article from Madeline Puckette reveals the singularity of Chablis wines, explores their unique terroir, examines the four appellations of Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru, and offers some tips for tasty food and wine combinations.
“Knowing the peculiarities of this area (and there are a few) will help you find better Chablis wine.”
A 100% Pure Chablis wine guide!


Wine and Spirits, January 2016

Wine and Spirits, January 2016

Eduardo Porto Carreiro of NYC’s Untitled on Chablis and Beaujolais with vegetables, by Joshua Greene, for the 27th Annual Restaurant Poll Report

After opening his highly contemporary New York restaurant Untitled at the Whitney last May, Edouardo Porto Carreiro tells Joshua Greene about his best-loved wines, around which he has built his menu. His careful selection makes a perfect match to bring out the full flavors of his dishes, which are predominantly vegetable-based. Chablis wines are in pole position among his choices.
“There are people excited about the region and the buzz has become contagious.”


The Somm Journal, December - January 2016

The Somm Journal, December - January 2016 - Chablis Premier Cru

Out to play in Chablis, by Jiles Halling.

With the Climats of the Bourgogne winegrowing region recently taking their place on the Unesco World Heritage List, Jiles Halling now reveals the intricacies of the Climats of the Chablis region.
He came to stay in the area, and has since written an informative five-page article that explores all the richness and range of the Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru terroir, along with some enticing tasting notes.
“It’s tempting to think one can learn all there is to know about Chablis with just a cursory glance, but as the day unfolds, it becomes ever more clear that there’s a diversity, a complexity, and a fascination about Chablis that keeps going deeper and deeper.”

The Climats de Chablis, so evident!


The Clever Root, fall-winter 2015

Towing the Brine, by Lana Bortolot.

Towing the Brine, by Lana Bortolot.

Lana Bortolot reveals the views of some of America’s hottest contemporary chefs on the perfect wine to partner oysters. They describe in detail their preference for pairing oysters with the wines of Chablis, and the elegance and diversity of this combination.
“Oysters and Chablis are a perfect balance of mirroir and terroir”
A Pure Chablis match made in heaven!


Lusso Magazine, september 2015

Lusso Magazine - Chablis - AOC Chablis - Chardonnay - vin blanc

None Too Chablis, by Robert Clayman

Wine journalist Robert Clayman is invited to sample the four Chablis appellations – Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru – along with some gourmet foods in the gastronomic London eatery, The Chancery. Here, he describes this rich gustatory discovery and reveals his personal tasting notes from this pure Chablis experience!

Snooth, September 2015

The new old rules of Chardonnay in Chablis,Christy Canterbury, Snooth

The new old rules of Chardonnay in Chablis, by Christy Canterbury.

Christy Canterbury focuses on the dynamism of Chablis winegrowers and the emergence of a new approach to winemaking.This gustatory diversification is a response to the demands of a booming US market, looking for new things to discover. Her article explores the specifics of eight Chablis estates she visited, along with detailed tasting notes.

Wine Enthusiast, August 2015

Understanding the Golden Wines of Chablis, by Roger Voss.

Understanding the Golden Wines of Chablis, by Roger Voss.

In his highly educational article, illustrated with a map of the winegrowing region and the main Climats, Roger Voss shares his enthusiasm for the wines of Chablis, “A unique location and Kimmeridgian soil to make possibly the purest Chardonnay on the planet!”  He provides a detailed explanation of the four Chablis appellations, the varietal, the geology, and the purity of the wines, and provides his assessment of the Chablis vintages since 2005.

quentinsadler.wordpress.com, July 2015

The other wine from Chablis, by Quentin Sadler.

The other wine from Chablis, by Quentin Sadler.

Quentin Sadler came to Chablis in July 2014, and widened out his vision of the region’s wines. He highlights the amazing variety of the appellation, in particular that of Petit Chablis, underscoring its richness with some tasting tips.


Winealign, July 2015

Chablis - The original cool climate Chardonnay, by Treve Ring.

Chablis - The original cool climate Chardonnay, by Treve Ring.

In this six-page article, Treve Ring features the Chablis winegrowing region, following his visit in May 2015. He highlights the precision and nobility of the wines produced here from the Chardonnay grape, a varietal planted in many winegrowing regions around the world. He notes how Chablis is unique in how it has managed to preserve the very essence of the grape. The article concludes with tasting notes for four appellations accompanied with Ring’s own wine recommendations.

The Drinks Business, January 15 - 2015

The Drinks Business

Chablis tells left from right, by Gabriel Stone

The 2013 Chablis vintage was unveiled during Bourgogne Week in London on 15 January 2015.
« Chablis showed that a single grape varity does not mean a single style at an event designed to highlight the difference between the region’s right and left bank.”



Wine-searcher, November 4 - 2014


Chablis can have its cake and eat it too, by Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin reveals what makes Chablis wines so unique: excellent wines at affordable prices that offer value for money, as he explains.
« We can enjoy some of the best value white wines in the world. »  


The Drinks Business, October 10 - 2014

Chablis in pictures, by Lucy Shaw

Lucy Shaw, English journalist at the Drinks Business, invites her readers to visit Chablis in pictures in October 2014: portraits of wine producers - an authentical ride in the heart of the vineyard of Chablis.

Read her other articles here :
Chablis has "brand strength of Champagne"
Chablis needs to tell its territoir story
Willam Fèvre releases "hipster" Chablis



NEW YORK TIMES, August 1 - 2014

Unraveling the Mystery of Chablis, by Eric Asimov

For two good reasons, I probably own more Chablis than any other white, and I probably drink it more often than any other wine. One, it’s a relatively good value for Burgundy, and two, I love it.

Wine School, a monthly wine column in the New York Times, invites its readers to drink wine with Eric Asimov. In each publication, Mr. Asimov chooses a type of wine for his 'students' to try. A month later, he discusses the wine in question. August’s assignment was Chablis !


Chabis - Where Chardonnay Finds Firm Footing, by Stacy Slinkard

Remember you won't see "Chardonnay" hanging on labels from Chablis, but all of the regional wines will have Chablis (the place name) written loud and clear, just know that Chardonnay grapes fill the bottle. Typically the domaine (wine estates in Burgundy are dubbed "Domaines") names can linger at the top, middle or bottom of the label. However, it can get tricky when you start to search for quality levels on labels.

After a two day visit in Chablis, Stacy Slinkard gives the basics to Chablis wines.


Unlocking The Door To Chablis

Unlocking The Door To Chablis, by Paola Tich

Before my recent visit to Chablis, about the only thing I really knew was the grape, location and soil. The taste? Lean and steely, of course. The rather lush one I stock in my shop had to be an anomaly.

Now, after tasting my way though 100+  Chablis over three days, I may not be a Jedi Master, but I can now feel the force.

Here’s how you can too…

Following her trip to Chablis in July 2014, Paola Tich rediscovers Chablis - not quite as simple as one would think!

Whitley On Wine, October 25 - 2014

The Mystery of Chablis, by Robert Whitley

The mystery of Chablis is hardly a case for Sherlock Holmes, despite the fact that this famous wine from the Burgundy region tastes like no other white wine in the world, including the kissing cousins from the nearby Côte de Beaune.

Following Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne in March 2014, which started in Chablis, Robert Whitley gives his impression of the 2011 and 2012 vintages in Chablis – a challenge for many producers, with uneven results, but with many fine wines. Following his introduction, there are his tasting notes for his best-ranked wines and producers.

Madison Magazine

Chablis: soft and rich, by Howard HewittMadison Magazine - Chablis: soft and rich

Chablis is nothing like the buttery, toasted Chardonnays that come from California and elsewhere. Hewitt goes on to describe the hierarchy of appellations found in the Chablis wine region.






Online news site www.montrealgazette.com, May 9, 2013

What makes Chablis so different? by Bill Zacharkiwwww.montrealgazette.com

After a five-day visit to the Chablis region, Zacharkiw explains how the wines of Chablis are unique compared to the majority of Chardonnays, and why.



Online trade website www.thedrinksbusiness.com, April 19, 2013

Chablis embraces organics, by Lindsay Oram

In this rather traditional wine region, mentalities are changing, and increasing numbers of wineries and estates are looking to organic viticulture.



Northbay Biz Magazine, March 2013

Boxed Wine Debunked, by Christina Julian

Julian explains how her preconceptions about Chablis wines changed when she had the opportunity to taste several wines from this part of Burgundy during a dinner in the Napa Valley.



Food, drink and travel website zesterdaily.com, January 2, 2013

Single-grape Chablis is Chardonnay in its purest form, by Rosemary George

George explains why Chardonnay expresses itself so purely in Chablis, and talks about the new generation emerging in the region.