Refined, tender, spicy, zesty, and above all very tasty, this dish admirably brings together the delicate and prized flesh of the frogs’ legs with the multiple flavors of the spices. No fewer than 20 spices go into it, including ginger, green chilies and pickles.
A Chablis Grand Cru, as aromatic, intense and complex as this dish, stands up well alongside it.



CRISPY DUCK - Shandong province


In Shandong, the famous crispy duck, with its full-bodied taste and golden glistening skin, is roasted over charcoal derived from fruit trees, which gives it a subtle flavor.
And whenever subtlety is on the menu, one thinks Chablis Grand Cru. It is unrivaled for bringing out the duck’s delicate flavors and tender flesh, whilst countering the fattiness of the dish.





I’ll let you imagine the crispiness of the golden skin of roast goose, with its melt-in-the-mouth flesh, and the tasty pieces around the bone. Not to mention the divine blend of flavors provided by a seafood garnish.
The aromatic complexity, roundedness and touch of acidity of a Chablis Grand Cru goes perfectly with both the fowl and seafood, whilst tempering the slightly fatty nature of the dish.

HUNAN SMOKED BACON - Hunan province


Hunan bacon is brined then smoked over a wood fire, and is reputed for its very distinct taste, the depth of its flavor, and its fairly fatty texture.
For this very flavorsome dish, one would opt for a Chablis Grand Cru. Its minerality and its touch of acidity will underline the intense flavors whilst cutting through the meat’s fattiness.





In Jiangsu province, pork is braised in a generous quantity of oil and sauce. The art of this type of cooking consists of conserving the moistness of the meat, without having an excess of grease.
Only a Chablis Grand Cru can underscore the freshness, sweetness and melting texture of this dish.



YI PIN GUO FROM HUIZHOU - Anhui province


The Yi Pin Guo, or “royal pot”, is the height of slow-cooked cuisine. Different meats and poultry, vegetables, eggs and a variety of flavorings are layered in a pot and cooked slowly for many hours until the perfect cooking liquor, taste, consistency and color are obtained.
Each mouthful is a treat. Rich without being fatty, melt-in-the-mouth but not soft, hot but not burning.
The synergy is perfect with a Chablis Grand Cru. The rounded aromatic complexity of the wine mingles pleasantly with the refined flavors of the Yi Pin Guo, bringing out the best in both.

“BUDDHA JUMPS OVER THE WALL” - Fujian province


The legend tells that Buddhist monks, despite being vegetarian, could not resist the delicious aromas coming from this dish and would scale their monastery walls to sample it.
Described as irresistible by some, sumptuous by others, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall contains some 30 ingredients including some of the world’s most prized delicacies, such as abalone and the sea cucumber. All of this is simmered over a gentle heat for many hours in a terracotta pot placed on the embers. The ingredients marry together and give off an unparalleled aroma.
Only the most excellent of wines, like a Chablis Grand Cru, can be envisaged to accompany this prestigious dish.



“BEGGAR’S CHICKEN” - Zhejiang province


The beggar’s meal soon became the dish of the king! The way it is made is particularly original. The chicken is first seasoned and then stuffed with bamboo shoots, shrimps, mushrooms, ham, and of course spices. It is wrapped in bacon and then lotus leaves before being sealed in a layer of clay, in which it cooks gently for six hours. Opening the clay casing reveals the skin with a fabulous golden-red color, with all the succulent aromas of the chicken.
A Chablis Grand Cru is a must for this dish, since it’s the only wine capable of revealing all its refinement.