LION’S HEAD WITH CRAB - Jiangsu province


Here is another dish with an evocative name. But rest assured, there is no lion in this dish – it merely bears a passing resemblance to the big cat’s head. Meat, crab flesh and finely chopped aromatics are shaped into large balls, cooked and served with fresh vegetables.
Imagine your taste buds tantalized by the cooking liquor of this magical meat-crustacean combination, all underscored by the freshness of the vegetables.
But which wine would go with this dish? A Chablis Premier Cru, of course. It accentuates the freshness of the crab, while bringing out the sweetness.



SICHUAN FISH - Sichuan province


If fish is your favorite dish, no problem! In Sichuan, they know how to cook fish like nowhere else on earth – in oil spiced with Szechuan pepper. This adds an incredible intensity, whilst conserving the tenderness and natural flavors of the flesh.
Imagine the freshness of the fish blended with the heat of the pepper. A Chablis Premier Cru makes an ideal match for this subtle balance.





Another original dish, steamed fish head with chopped red chili is considered a gem of Hunan gastronomy. Aromatic and tongue-tingling, it is a fine balance of the delicate fish and the fiery chilies, as only the locals know how.
A Chablis Premier Cru makes a dual match: its intense and complex bouquet combines pleasantly with the dish’s many flavors, and its vivacity tames the heat of the chili.

SHRIMP IN LONGJING TEA - Zhejiang province


The green tea of Longjing is among the most reputed in China, and lends its elegance to the shrimps. The association of these two ingredients is as agreeable to the eye as it is to the palate. The whiteness and freshness of the soft flesh is underlined by the dark green and refreshing flavor of the young tea leaves. This subtle dish is prepared by frying the peeled shrimps with the young tea shoots along with an infusion of tea.
A Chablis Premier Cru will accentuate the salty tang of the shrimps whilst bringing out the fruity notes.





This may be a simple dish, but one that is surprisingly tender, light and tasty. Cantonese style fish is steamed and served just as it is, accompanied by a delicate fish bouillon.
It is crying out for the aromatic complexity of a Chablis Premier Cru.



PORK WITH RICE WINE - Fujian province


Whenever one mentions the cuisine of Fujian, one thinks of red rice wine, a condiment that is not only tasty but colorful, obtained by fermenting glutinous rice with a yeast that colors it red. Reduced to a thick sauce, it makes a delicious coating for pork, lending the meat its powerful bouquet and a touch of sweetness.
A Chablis Premier Cru makes a classic combination, its pure, mineral characteristics underlining the dish’s aromatic complexity.



The sea cucumber is a marine creature that may not look especially appetizing, but which nonetheless makes delicious, delicately flavored dishes much loved by the Chinese.
In Shandong, it is fried and accompanied by raw onions, and goes wonderfully with a Chablis Premier Cru.
An ideal compromise, the Chablis Premier Cru respects the subtle smoky flavor of the sea cucumber, without being overpowered by the more intense onion.



DAO BAN XIANG BACON - Anhui province


The secret of this specialty resides in its unique cooking method. The salted bacon is steamed on a plank of camphorwood, which flavors the meat while at the same time absorbing the excess fat.
This goes well with a wine with an intense bouquet and enough vivacity to stand up to both the saltiness and fattiness of the bacon: a Chablis Premier Cru, with no hesitation.