Domaine Louis Michel & Fils

Here is an authentic estate: since 1850, the Michel family has worked on their vines in the most reputed “crus” in Chablis. With Chablis aged in vats for 40 years, without ever succumbing to the fashion of barrels, this estate produces wines of constant quality, which are pure, clear-cut, precise and without any artificial woodiness.

Appellations produced
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Vaillons (wine white)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Forêt (wine white)
  • CHABLIS (wine white)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Fourchaume (wine white)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Montmains (wine white)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Montée de Tonnerre (wine white)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Sécher (wine white)
  • CHABLIS 1ER CRU - Butteaux (wine white)
  • CHABLIS GRAND CRU - Grenouilles (wine white)
  • CHABLIS GRAND CRU - Les Clos (wine white)
  • CHABLIS GRAND CRU - Vaudésir (wine white)
  • PETIT CHABLIS (wine white)

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Domaine Louis Michel & Fils
9, boulevard de Ferrières - BP40