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Pontigny Abbey

Pontigny Abbey in the Yonne in the Bourgogne region

A few kilometers from Chablis stands Pontigny Abbey, the second of the four daughter houses of Cîteaux, which brought wealth to the Chablis winegrowing area. Constructed in 1114, it is one of the oldest sites of the Cistercian order. Thanks to a solid economic base, in the 12th century, the monks were able to erect a large church which still exists intact today. From the outside, this huge construction reveals simple lines. Inside, there is a vast clear space with relatively sober decor, the church having been conceived as a place of contemplation for the monks.

It was these Cistercian monks from Pontigny Abbey who developed winegrowing in Chablis.

Open to the public from 9am - 6pm in summer and from 10am - 5pm in winter.
Guided tours: contact Les Amis de Pontigny, Avenue de l'Abbaye, 89230 Pontigny

Email: amis.de.pontigny@wanadoo.fr
Tel. +33 (0)
Website: www.abbayedepontigny.eu
GPS Coordinates :
longitude : 3.713958700
latitude : 47.9092503