Wine tourism

A traditional Burgundian welcome!

Numerous cellars are open to welcome you to talk with the winegrowers about their work. Did you know that the Chablis winegrowing region sports the Vignobles et Découvertes label that guarantees a quality welcome?

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Food and Chablis wines pairing

Easy food and wine combinations

Chablis wines are all about elegance and vigor and make the perfect partner to plenty of dishes. From everyday cuisine to celebratory meals, you’ll always find a Chablis wine to suit your supper!


A five-minute flight to better understand the Chablis winegrowing region

Grown across a relatively small area of about 20 kilometers from north to south and around 15 from east to west, Chablis wines offer a wide range of expression through the Petit Chablis and Chablis appellations and the different Climats of the Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru AOCs. Take flight over the vines to really grasp the source of this diversity.

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Bourgogne traditions

Wine-related celebrations mark the passing of the seasons. The Fête des Vins celebrates the new vintage, the Peulée welcomes the end of the harvest, and the Saint-Vincent Tournante is all about solidarity amongst winegrowers.


The 47 Chablis crus

The Chablis Premier Cru and Grand Cru AOCs can be broken down into “micro-terroirs” that are known as Climats, such as Les Beauregards, L’Homme Mort, Grenouilles, and Vaudésir. Each name tells a story.


The art of tasting

To properly appreciate a wine in the right conditions, it needs to have been properly stored, served at the right temperature and in the right glass, and must appeal to all the senses.