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Hiking in the vineyards

Sunny walks through the vines of Chablis in the Bourgogne region

The hilly landscape around Chablis, with its vineyards and forests, offers a wonderful place for hikers to explore.

Start out at the viewpoint indicator at the Aire des Clos overlooking the Serein Valley to locate the different appellations. To get there, head for Tonnerre and turn left at the Sentier des Clos footpath, a small track just before the D35 road (heading for Fyé and Collan). There is parking there for cars and coaches. This viewpoint indicator is the point of departure for several hiking trails through the vines.

Circuit des Grands Crus de Chablis
New in 2011, these two simple trails are perfect for families. Clearly signposted, they both leave from the Tourist Office and take 60 or 80 minutes respectively.
There are a wide range of other trails in the Chablis area ranging from 8 - 33km.

The Grands Crus trail
8 km – IGN map 2720 East – Leaving from the Air des Clos. This relatively easy trail overlooks many of the Grand Crus and gives a quick glimpse of the Chablis landscape with its vineyards and forest paths.

The Croix Duché trail
12 or 19 km – IGN map 2720 East – Leaves from La Croix Dûché, rue des Butteaux. Rising up to the highest parts of the Chablis winegrowing area, this trail offers an extensive panorama over the vines, and goes through many old villages including Courgis, which has existed since Roman times, and Préhy, which was destroyed in 1562 and reconstructed a short distance from the original site.

The Gueux trail
14 or 27 km – IGN map 2720 East – Leaves from Avenue de l’Europe. This trail provides a picturesque view of the vines and villages of Chablis, passing by some of the most famous Premiers Crus including Les Lys, Vauligneau and Beauroy.

The Clos trail
13, 17 or 24 km – IGN map 2720 East – Leaves from the Aire des Clos. This path will show you some of the treasures of the Chablis area including the 12th century chateau in Maligny, and one from the 17th century in Poinchy, as well as a clutch of other beautiful villages like Fontenay.

The Retif de la Bretonne trail
Sacy-Courgis 23 Km – Sacy-Courgis 23km – IGN maps 2720 and 2721 – Leaves from the village of Lichères. Get to know all about French 18th century novelist Nicolas Rétif de la Bretonne who was born in the area through a host of wonderful discoveries such as woods, vines and a 13th century wash-house at La Croix-Pilate, the Bois l’Abbé farm, which started out as a 16th century sheepfold, and the Roman village of Courgis.

The Moulin des Roches trail
15.5, 23.5 or 33 Km – IGN map 2720 East – Leaves from Quai Paul Louis Courrier. This path offers a glimpse of some of the Chablis area’s architectural and historical gems, including the Château de Chemilly-sur-Serein, and the Church of Saint Nicolas in Fleys. You will walk along paths through the vines and footpaths bordering the woods.

The Par Monts et Vallées trail
16, 23,5 or 24,5 Km – IGN map 2720 East – Leaves from the village of Sacy. The departure point of this circular walk starts with a wonderful view over the Serein Valley. You will have the chance to discover the miraculous source at Fontaine Saint Potention, before arriving at Lichères, a wonderful Merovingian village to explore.

More details about these trails can be found by going to http://cc-chablisien.net/accueil.html