2019 - A quality vintage which blew hot and cold.

07 November 2019
2019 vintage in Chablis


Between the frosts of May and the temperature peaks this summer, the thermometer panicked minds this year in Chablis, and the sidereal emptiness of the rain gauges too.

In April, the buds reached the end of their nose eight days earlier than the average of the last 20 years. But during May, on several occasions, frost in the early morning burnt buds in the lowlands and unfortunately, some will not recover.

The cool spring weather slows the progress of the vegetation. The vine is now late in its development - the harvest is scheduled for mid-September.

Then heat and drought set in permanently, thermometers exceed 40°C and rain gauges remain desperately empty. In such conditions, the undersides resist while the skilful, more exposed, suffer more from drought and heat. The long-awaited rain will only fall at the end of the harvest.

At the dawn of the harvest, the vines are healthy, but the bunches are millerandised and the grapes are quite small. Depending on the villages and the exposure of parcels, the volume flowing under the wine-press fluctuates. The village of Chablis is hit hard, other communes are picking an almost full harvest.


2019 vintage in Bourgogne

The profile of the wines of the 2019 vintage
  • The musts ferment well. Surprisingly, the acidity is preserved, and the balances are beautiful. The only small shadow on the picture is the harvest volume. Fortunately, 2019 follows the generous 2018 vintage, which has made it possible to reconstitute stocks. The 2018 reserves, combined with the 2019 harvest, will make it possible to market a volume of Chablis wines that are only slightly below a normal harvest.