Canada : 2020 a record year for Chablis

28 May 2021
Financial information
Canada : 2020 a record year for Chablis


The Canadian market for Chablis wines is in constant expansion in the past ten years.


Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the appellations of Chablis have stormed back with record growth in 2020. It is the dynamism of the appellations Petit Chablis and Chablis that underlie this performance, with sales of 11.7 million euros, up 45%, and the equivalent of 1.6 million bottles exported, up 48%.


Almost one third of white Bourgogne exports are Chablis wines.


Québec accounts for 70% or more of Bourgogne wines consumed in Canada. 

Key figures in 2020 for Chablis wines in Canada
  • 4th market by value
    5th market by volume

    1,72 million de bottles (+28%/2019)
    for 12,9 million euros (+23%/2019)

    by volume
    ► Chablis Premier Cru et Chablis Grand Cru: 5%
    ► Petit Chablis et Chablis : 95%