Sponsorship seduces winemakers from Chablis and Epineuil

25 September 2020
Business press releases
Sponsorship seduces winemakers from Chablis and Epineuil


The sponsorship of vines is a new wine tourism activity to create lasting relationships with the customers.

The sponsorship can be done on several online platforms. The Domaine d’Henri and the Domaine Céline et Frédéric Gueguen in Chablis, as well as the Domaine Alain Mathias in Epineuil have been seduced by this new concept which enables to create strong links between the winemakers and the wine lovers.

For a few hundred euros (from 150 € to 1300 €), customers can adopt vines and get personalised bottles, a follow up of their vines and of the new vintage throughout the year. They also receive special invitations to the vineyard to do wine tastings or to take part in workshops. For wine lovers it is a good way to improve their knowledge and be in contact with the winemakers.

As for winemakers, they can improve their renown and create a customer loyalty.


To adopt vines, go to or