The 2021 Vintage A never-ending attention

13 January 2022
The 2021 Vintage A never-ending attention


To the very end, 2021 has been a trying year for winemakers. Ever since the April freeze, made worse by a too-early start of the growth of the vines, right to harvest time, harsh changes in weather have imposed their tempo: winemakers have had to be constantly attentive and reactive. The only respite was the flowering, which took place under good conditions, and the ripening, which benefited from sun starting in mid-August.


Notwithstanding the loss of volume due to the freeze, the grapes must still be meticulously selected, both at the vine and in the winery. The capricious weather in July and early August led to the development of a few disease sites, which fortunately were limited in scope thanks to the efforts of the winemakers and the return of dry weather in August.


It is generally conceded that 2021 requires technical expertise: the winemaking must be very precise. Even moving quickly, great attention must be paid to aromatic balance. 


The tension in the wines, a hallmark of Chablis, is indeed present, having been preserved by rather cool weather. The vintage, then, is historically low in volume, but classic in its profile.


2021 vintage in Bourgogne: A close care throughout

  • The aromatic potential of the must is indeed present, showing fresh citrus notes in the Chablis wines, and the sugar-acid balance is in keeping with typical ones that are appreciated by lovers of Bourgogne wines.