The United-Kingdom, Chablis confirms its return even during the pandemic

22 March 2021
Financial information
The United Kingdom : waiting for Brexit


The exports of Chablis wines increase confirms their return on the British market. Sales of white Bourgogne wines are in a dominant position across the Channel. Chablis wines represent 37% of market share relative to other Bourgogne wines.


The notable success of Chablis wines in 2020, despite the crisis caused by the pandemic, can be explained by their excellent reputation, as well as by the concern about a possible “No-deal Brexit”. This last factor spurred the entire British distribution chain and consumers to stock and consume Chablis wines.


However, only the appellations Petit Chablis and Chablis grew their market share by volume.

Key 2020 figures for Chablis wines in the UK
  • Leading market in terms of revenue
    Leading market in terms of volume

    5.16 million bottles (up 13% over 2019),
    for 33.9 million euros (up 9% over 2019)

    In terms of volume
    ► Chablis Premier Cru & Chablis Grand Cru: 11%
    ► Petit Chablis & Chablis: 89%