CHICKEN KUNG PAO - Sichuan province


At once spicy and fresh, tender and crunchy, delicately perfumed and stimulating, chicken Kung Pao made the culinary reputation of Sichuan. Take some chunks of chicken and fry them in a wok in an aromatic blend of spices, chilies and carefully selected sweet-and-sour vegetables. Add a handful of peanuts, and serve accompanied by a Chablis. The crispness of the wine will admirably counter the sweet texture of this flavorsome dish.





Once merely a garnish for the main dish, stir-fried baby vegetables with strips of tofu has become a highly prized dish in its own right in Hunan. What better than crispness of a Chablis to mirror the salty tang of the tofu?



HOT OYSTERS - Shandong province


Delicate hot oysters from Shandong are a mouthwatering treat. Their fresh, salty taste makes a harmonious accompaniment to a Chablis.



FUJIAN DUMPLING SOUP - Fujian province


An immaculate white, the dumplings of Fujian are as much a treat for the eye as the palate. Sometimes called wonton or steamed dumplings, they are made with chopped pork, rolled thinly and seasoned with a wealth of spices, before being wrapped in rice dough as fine as a sheet of paper.
Usually served with a bouillon, when accompanied by a Chablis these dumplings will express all their freshness and delicacy.



Only bamboo shoots from the Wen Zheng Mountain are this fresh, tender, crunchy and quite simply tasty.
The sweetness of the dish is ideally underscored by the crispness of the Chablis.





Cantonese dumplings are all about lightness and refinement. Their thin rice casings, as translucid as a dragonfly’s wing, contain a filling whose texture whose lightness is matched by its exquisite taste, whether based on shrimp, meat or vegetables.
Chablis elegantly balances the sweetness and softness of this subtle dish.



SLICED TOFU - Jiangsu province


This is a dish which requires a skilled hand to slice the tofu very finely. A specialty of the region, tofu – bean curd made from soy milk – is cooked in fine strips in a well-seasoned bouillon, so that it can soak up the many flavors of the spices.
Sliced tofu is sufficiently full-flavored to accompany a refreshing Chablis.



ZUI XIA “DRUNKEN” SHRIMP IN WINE - Zhejiang province


A dish that wafts wine aromas. The gray shrimps are plunged alive into a sauce made of rice wine. The flesh, which remains almost raw, absorbs the delicious wine flavors and should be eaten immediately.
The crispness of a Chablis makes an ideal accompaniment, without overpowering the flavors of the rice wine.