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The vines continue!

22 May 2020
The flowering

The vines flower in May. Then 100 days later, the winegrowers know that the harvest can begin.

The flowers on a vine are nothing like ordinary blossoms, and are rarely included in bouquets!
They are arranged in inflorescence, laid out like the bunch of grapes they will become. Flowering is brief, but is a critical stage in the vegetative cycle of the vine. If the weather is bad, the flowers will drop and no fruit will form. This is known as shatter.

If everything goes well at the start of the summer, the flowers are pollinated. Then fruit set occurs, with each flower being transformed into a tiny green grape. These little grapes then swell and when they reach half their size - about the size of a pea - the bunch then moves to hang downwards. The grapes continue growing, eventually swelling out to touch each other.

Then in mid-summer, veraison occurs, when the green berries start to ripen and change color, reaching optimum ripeness before being harvested, and then transformed into the delicious nectar served to you in a bottle!


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