How to store your Chablis wines ?

In order to preserve the quality of your Chablis wines and provide the best possible conditions for keeping, there are 10 key points to respect:



Keep bottles lying down so the cork does not dry out.



Keep the wine in a suitable place that respects the conditions below. The best place is in a cellar.



A good cellar should be dark and untouched by vibrations. Light can change a wine so the lightbulb used to illuminate the cellar should be low wattage.



The ideal temperature for a cellar is 10-12°C. The temperature should be relatively stable as significant changes in temperature will speed up the development of the wine.



Humidity is another key factor to consider when storing wine. It should be kept at 70-80%, depending on the temperature.


No chemical or strong-smelling substances such as gas, paint, wood treatment products, etc., should be stored in the same place as your wine.


The bottles should be placed on their sides and piled up in crates. Avoid storing wine in carton boxes because these will absorb the humidity essential to the good storage of your wine.


The length of time you can keep a wine differs from appellation to appellation. A Petit Chablis can be enjoyed after two years and a Chablis can also be enjoyed in its youth, or be kept for five years or more. A Chablis Premier Cru is a delight between five and 10 years of age. And as for Chablis Grand Cru, this can be enjoyed from 10-12 years after harvest and beyond, depending on the vintage. It is not rare to enjoy a wonderful sensorial experience with a bottle of Chablis Grand Cru aged 15, 20, or even older!


The smaller the bottle, the faster the development of the wine. This means that half-bottles can be kept for less time than magnums.


In order to properly manage your cellar, it is recommended to keep track using a cellar journal or to manage it online using the tool offered by the BIVB. With over 300 bottles, this tool helps optimize your stock.